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VICTORY! Atheists Lose MAJOR Battle To Remove GOD From Pledge… [EPIC VIDEO]


You’ve heard of the medical condition ‘AAD’ – AGGRESSIVE ATHEIST DISORDER, right? Lol, I just made that up but it actually, unfortunately DOES exist and personally I am SICK OF IT! They HATE anything to do with Jesus or God and their ‘in your face’ approach in letting anyone and everyone know this is right in line with the #BlackBrunch people- you know, where the Blacks interrupt Whites while trying to enjoy a fricking meal at a restaurant by screaming in their faces about racism and slavery…

Well, a New Jersey teenager has been battling with these atheists over the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. This offends them and they demand God be removed. Hey, I’ll ask them “Do you believe in HELL? Because that’s where you can go for all I care!” Get over it already!

These morons actually tried to sue over this! Well, they LOST…

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