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Video Captures Awkward Moment Macron & Johnson Plead With Rouhani To Meet With Trump

On the sideline of the UN General Assembly in New York Tuesday evening, prior to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s main address on Wednesday, this surprise and somewhat awkward scene unfolded:

“You need to be on the side of the swimming pool and jump at the same time,” urged Boris Johnson after Macron implored Rouhani not to lose the opportunity to meet with Trump while in New York.

Rouhani merely laughed vigorously as the British prime minister literally pretended to leap off the edge of a pool.

In his UN Assembly speech which followed, Rouhani wasted no time in slamming US military power and hegemony as ultimately fueling “the flames of war, bloodshed, aggression, occupation and religious and sectarian fanaticism and extremism” in the region.

“The security of our region shall be provided when American troops pull out,” Rouhani said, concluding that, “Security shall not be supplied with American weapons and intervention.”

Addressing the recent attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities, which Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for, but which western powers led by the United States blamed Iran for, Rouhani said, “The security of Saudi Arabia shall be guaranteed with the termination of aggression to Yemen, rather than by inviting foreigners,” he said.

Rouhani’s full UN address with English audio translation:


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