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Video: Disney’s ‘Baymax’ Introduces Men With Periods, Gay Relationships to Small Children

by Frankie Stockes

A new Disney show marketed to small children promotes transgenderism, the idea that men can have periods and profiles homosexual relationships among animated, young boy characters.

The new “Baymax” children’s series was released on June 28th and is a spin-off of Disney’s “Big Hero 6,” following an inflatable “doctor-bot” named Baymax as he patrols his “San Fransokyo” neighborhood offering free healthcare and emotional support to his neighbors.

Thus far, the series consists of six, roughly nine-minute mini-episodes and is being directed to kids as young as 2-years-old while featuring several suggestive and subversive themes. In one video clip of the show making its rounds over the internet, the Baymax robot enters the tampon aisle of his local grocery store and starts asking a woman for advice on which feminine hygiene product is best…

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