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Video: White Girl, Age 9, and Brother, 10, Savagely Beaten by Black Teens on School Bus



The vicious mob attack is just the latest instance of anti-white violence in America’s decaying public schools.

A disturbing video has emerged from Miami-Dade County, Florida that shows a 9-year-old white girl and her 10-year-old brother being savagely beaten by a mob of black students, including teenagers, on their school bus, while the bus’s driver does absolutely nothing to stop it. The attack, and others like it, are increasingly being faced by white children in America’s public schools, as corporate media and even taxpayer-funded teachers continue to push what’s been described as a “blood libel” against White Americas.

The brutal beating suffered by the two Florida children on their school bus was captured on video and shows a large teenager ruthlessly pummeling the 9-year-old girl, over and over again to the head and face, as her brother faces a similar mob beating a few seats over.

Once the teenager was done, he turned the little girl over to other black bus riders, who cheered each other on as the beating continued.






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