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Vital! Apocalyptic EARTHQUAKE amid Turkey’s OIL WELLS. Highly Seismic Zone Drilled for Decades to Search Dadas Shale

Summary: 1 – The Site of the Earthquake has been in the Sight of Oil Companies for Decades 2 – The Dangers of Drilling the Underground In Seismic Areas 3 – The Correlation between Drills, Subsidency dnd Earthquakes 4 – Hunt for Black Gold near The Earthquake Epicentre 5 – The Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras areas Reduced to a Colander

The disastrous devastation, the tragic massacre that took place in Turkey and Syria cannot and must not have only an emotional response. That of newspapers and TVs that compete to find the most heartbreaking photo and story. That of politicians who compete for the media scepter of benefactors.

It must also trigger rational reflection. This is why we do not consider it premature but rather a duty towards the families of the victims to seek a reason for what happened that goes beyond resignation to God’s mysterious designs.

As we have anticipated in previous investigations on the highly probable correlation between earthquakes and wells drilling, the greedy hand of man also emerges from the bloody rubble of this apocalyptic drama; increasingly unconscious in his confrontation with nature, as happened with the pandemic triggered by a SARS-Cov-2 virus created in the laboratory to sell and test new dangerous vaccines…





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