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Voting machines, printers broken, offline, and dysfunctional in Tennessee


Global Intel Hub is breaking on the ground intel from Red State Tennessee (not a swing state).  Shoreline Church voting center near Knoxville, TN, had a line out the door because ‘only one printer is working’ – one voter reported a 1.5 hour wait once inside the building.

When the poll worker announced the 1.5 hour wait, many voters left.  Others made phone calls and other arrangements for staying longer – some complained they only had 1 hour out of work to vote.

Tennessee is clearly not a ‘purple’ state or a ‘swing’ state, but if one was trying to manipulate elections, this would be a great way to do it.

People who don’t vote, can be later entered as ‘voted’ and there would be no way to audit that.  The voting booths, are secure – but the paper ballots are scanned and sent to a server, we don’t know where or how that happens, which could be manipulated, see this…

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