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VP Speculation Mounts After Trump Enters Mar-a-Lago With Former Presidential Candidate



On Saturday evening, President Trump commanded the attention of everyone when he walked into Mar-a-Lago for the Trumpettes’ first gala since the 2020 COVID lockdowns.

While Trump is always the star of the show, the person who was at his side as he made his entrance sparked a lot of intrigue…and fueled VP rumors.

Can you guess who?

That’s right: Vivek Ramaswamy accompanied Trump to the Mar-a-Lago event, along with his wife Apoorva and Melania Trump.

Check out these clips from the evening:

President Trump and his family also shared a dinner table with Vivek and his wife during the gala:

After their evening spent together, many social media users are speculating that Vivek will wind up as Trump’s VP pick:

However, some people also took to X to express their skepticism of Vivek…


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