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WA Dems Pushing Mandatory Sexual & Trans Curriculum for Kindergartners

Progressives have a habit of wanting to tell people how to live, and that includes telling them how to raise their children.

Citizens of Washington state have told their government that they do not want their children, starting in kindergarten, to participate in “comprehensive sexual health education” but the state’s Democrats believe they know better, KTTH reported Monday.

The legislation, House Bill 2184, is designed to address issues like affirmative consent, but also includes lessons that address the “LGBTQ+ students.”

And this is even after a survey conducted by the state’s Comprehensive Sexual Health Education work group showed that a 54-percent majority do not want sex education taught to children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

But the CSHE ignored the survey because mandatory sexual education is “an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

The government bureaucrats running the survey know better than the parents because, they say, according to KTTH, that the “social emotional needs of our youngest students must be addressed for prevention of future challenges.”

The group that made this decision was comprised of 16 people, all of them women — something that Republican State Rep. Michelle Caldier was not a fan of.

“I think that sometimes, you know in politics and when we’re making decisions that it’s very easy to surround ourselves with people who just agree with us and I think that if the work group just had conversations and no disagreement, that really concerns me because I know there’s a lot of disagreement for that,” she said.

“And I would encourage you guys to go back and really listen to the people who disagree and come back with something better.”


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