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Was Ham’s Wife of the Nephilim?

Was Ham’s Wife of the Nephilim?
Was Ham’s Wife of the Nephilim?

By: Richard B. Sorensen
February 24, 2020, updated March 3, 2021


ABSTRACT: The Nephilim were said to be a race or a group of people that had distinct physical characteristics of large size and great strength. They are first mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 as the progeny of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Although the psychological characteristics of the Nephilim are not specifically described in the Bible, they are generally pictured as being very belligerent, sexually aggressive, and prone to conflict. Immediately after they are mentioned, Genesis goes on to discuss how the heart and minds of people became continually evil, and God’s flood judgement in response. But the Bible indicates that the Nephilim reappeared after presumably being killed off in the Flood. How could that
have happened?

This paper explores a possibility that may not have been previously considered – that the wife of Ham (one of the sons of Noah), who was one of the individuals present on the ark, was born from Nephilim stock. She would therefore have passed her DNA to some of her children (especially to her son Canaan) and later descendants, so that individuals of large size and/or psychopathic behavior could therefore reappear later in history. Also considered is the possibility that the Biblical Nimrod, a descendant of Ham, was the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, and that he also was genetically Nephilim…


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  1. Rodney Sweeney Rodney Sweeney December 9, 2021

    Ham married his sister, nephilian are not giants, men of renown were believers, daughters of men were unbelievers

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