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WATCH: 1st Day Driving Tesla Truck Owner UNABLE to Stop, SLAMS into House

 M Winger


“T” for Tesla.

Or is it “T” for “Ticking time bomb”?

“T” for “Total destruction coming to your house, make way!”

So let me set the stage for you.

You’ve waited 5 years for your Cybertruck.

The day finally arrives.

You’ve over the moon about it!

Time to pick it up, sign papers, then take it for a quick spin.

And within 4 short hours, you return back home.

There’s only one problem…

The “gas” pedal doesn’t stop accelerating when you press the brakes as you reach your neighborhood.

What do you do, besides panic?

Slam into a house.

And if this problem does gets fixed, there’s still another problem looming.

The pedal pad.

It’s been known to slide and get itself stuck in the footwell, causing the same accelerating problem.

Of course, you could always just lean down and lift the pedal. But then you wouldn’t see the road.

And no one would be steering this Cybertruck that is speeding down the road. Recipe for disaster.

Other than that, it’s probably safe.

Additionally, Tesla customer service hotline states that the repair time to fix it will be 1 year.

Okay, so let’s just review this:

5 year wait.

4 hours owning it.

1 crash.

1 year wait to repair…


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