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Watch Ark Midnight Live – With John B Wells 31 Aug 2019

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Guests tonight:

• Diamond And Silk

First up – Lynnette Diamond Hardaway & Rochelle Silk Richardson are biological sisters from North Carolina. Video Vloggers, Internet Sensations, Influencers, the host of The Viewers View & Diamond and Silk Chit Chat live. Known for their funny and upbeat Political Commentary.




• Katie G

Then: Katie G. is a PATRIOT, a proud TRUMP supporter, she will never hesitate to follow the truth, no matter where that leads. Reporting on Q Anon on her highly popular YT Channel since 12/15/17, she’s happy to be alive at this time in HISTORY.


• Howard Storm

In the last hour we welcome author and ordained minister, Reverend Howard Storm aboard #ArkMidnight to discuss his near death experience to Hell and the journey back.

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  1. Seabass from Greensboro Seabass from Greensboro September 1, 2019

    The “Ark-Hive”! I love it JB and Crew. I’ve got a bumper tune request. John Hiatt, You Got to Lift up every stone. Fits the program of searching for answers.

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