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[WATCH] Behold One Of The World’s Largest Construction Sites, Future ’15-Minute City’

By Danielle


Investigative journalist Ben Swann posted footage from the Chinese Communist Party’s Xiong’an City project, one of the world’s largest construction sites.

Xiong’an has been called the “city of the future” and Xi Jinping reportedly has been personally involved in making decisions for its development.

The massive site is set to be a 15-minute city.

“They plan to relocate ≈4 million people from Beijing to Xiongan under a mixed system of both voluntary and coercive measures,” Ben Swann writes.

“Every lamppost in the city will be equipped with facial recognition cameras. Every entrance and exit will have checkpoints placed on them,” he added…


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  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger November 20, 2023

    Just another massive real estate project where nobody will live. Everything is built cheap and substandard. The contractor gets rich and the site will set empty and go to rot just like all the other empty cities what have already been built there.

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