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WATCH: John Kirby Just Nails It When Asked About Anti-Israel Mobs Calling Biden ‘Genocide Joe’

By Sister Toldjah

It doesn’t happen often, but when someone in the Biden administration gets it right, it’s worth a mention – especially when the issue is the Israel-Hamas war and is related to spurious and incendiary allegations of war crimes that have no basis whatsoever in reality.

In the six-plus weeks since the Hamas-instigated war started, Israel has been hit with allegations from the Hamas Caucus and radicals who share their point of view that it has been engaging in “ethnic cleansing/genocide.” The “evidence” of this routinely consists of unconfirmed videos/reports being shared by random Twitter users on the social media platform, some of which include known Hamas crisis actors.

During the Monday press briefing, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby fielded a question from a reporter about anti-Israel demonstrators who refer to President Biden as “Genocide Joe” over his stated support for Israel.

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