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Watch: Nadler Accidentally Admits To What GOP Has Said All Along About Democratic Impeachment Motivations

As I wrote a few days ago, it’s sort of become this accepted myth among Democrats and the mainstream media that there has never been a “rush” to impeach President Trump. It’s not true, of course, but the myth persists anyway.

Closely related to that myth is another one in which House Democratic leaders have laughably suggested that, along with there being “no rush” to impeach Trump, there has also been “no rush to judgment.” They’ll tell you their minds aren’t made up, that they need to see all the evidence first.

That, too, is not true, but neverthless House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) appeared on CNN Thursday morning to make exactly that argument. Unfortunately for Nadler, he slipped up at the end and gave up the game.

In a nearly 4 minute segment, which you can watch below, Nadler initially told CNN’s Jim Sciutto that he does “have to have an open mind” when it comes to impeaching President Trump:

Asked if he’s personally seen enough evidence that Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, Nadler responded, “I’ve seen a lot of evidence of that, but maybe there will be evidence contradicting that … I have to have an open mind but certainly a very heavy case against him at the moment.”

He also stated he wasn’t troubled by any House Democrat who claimed they already had made up their minds. Those Democrats can still change their opinions, he asserted with a straight face, depending on what evidence is presented in the coming days and weeks.



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