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WATCH: Protestors Dump Manure On Pelosi’s Lawn!

 Vince Quill


It’s that time again—time to laugh at our elected ‘leaders’!

Pro-Palestinian protestors reportedly gathered in front of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and dumped 300 pounds of manure onto her front lawn.

Previously, Pelosi attempted to say that pro-Palestinian protestors were somehow connected to Russia and China.

How the leading Democrat will clean up her lawn is anyone’s guess, and she has not yet issued a statement in response to the protestors’ latest action against her.

For now, this is great for a laugh—after all, the 300 pounds of manure is completely on-brand for Pelosi:

The Hill touched on protest group Code Pink’s targeting of Pelosi:

The activists could be heard calling Pelosi an “Israel apologist” and peppering her with questions on the aid bill, asking, “Are you voting yes or no to genocide?” and “Are you gonna vote no on the money to Israel?”

One of the group’s members could be heard saying they do not want the U.S. to send more aid to Israel, adding that “San Francisco has so many problems … we need the money at home.”

Activist Ariel Koren stated: “300 pounds of poop delivered to Nancy Pelosi’s house this morning. This about sums up her reputation in San Francisco at this point. Stop arming Israel.” …


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