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WATCH: Robbery Victim Turns the Tables on Attackers in Violent Dem City

By Jesse Martin

A robbery victim managed to wrestle his assailant’s gun away and turn the tables on his attackers in crime-ridden Democrat city

In another broad daylight attack in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–a city controlled by soft-on-crime Democrats–two armed men  attempt to rob an unarmed individual, but things do not go their way.

Philadelphia has had 264 fatal shootings so far this year, which does not even scratch the surface of the total violent crime occurring in the city under Democrat mayor Jim Kenney and Soros-backed DA Larry Krasner.

As a man was walking down the street, an armed robber emerged from an SUV and attempted to wrestle away the victim’s belongings. However, the victim fought back, managing to pin his assailant and wrestle the gun away. At this time, another robber appears, also armed. The second robber attempts to aid his comrade but is shot twice in the process…

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