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WAYNE ROOT: The Things I know to be Truth…From a REAL Conservative Patriot. Get Ready for Liberal Heads to Explode.

by Wayne Allyn Root

Today is my 61 st birthday. I will celebrate with a nice dinner tonight with my wife and children. But I won’t take the day off. I’ll be on TV and radio today- just like every other day. I’ll write this column today. I’ll continue writing my next book today. I won’t rest. I won’t back down.

Because I love America with all my heart. And the survival of America is on the line. I will never, ever, ever give up. I will fight every hour, of every day, to take America back from the radical, insane, globalist, socialist and communist traitors presently in control. I will be RELENTLESS! We can never let America go.

In the meantime, here is why I’m fighting. After 61 years of experience and wisdom, here are some things I know to be truth…

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