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We Have Left God Out of Our Culture and Are Reaping the Consequences

by Federalist Faction

Charles Darwin lived around the time 1809-1882, he dedicated his life to eroding the idea of God from the culture by means of using evolution. He understood that if he could use the theory of evolution to destroy or even crack the legitimacy of scripture that people would abandon the churches for “science” and that man may do as he pleases. He specifically went after the book of Genesis, beings that this book is the very foundation upon which the entire basis of scripture is founded on.

The very death of Christ is tied to the book of Genesis in a very deep and real way, and to destroy Genesis would be to destroy the purpose for Christ. Even if he could sow seeds of doubt within the public, people would leave the church for a religion of self. Darwin understood that if you eliminate God, mankind would be able to live his/her own life free of future consequences. Though this theory changed the world it led to catastrophic moral problems, for without God, how is it you base your moral authority? What becomes right and what becomes wrong, and who are you to decide such things?

There are two ways I found to be intriguing regarding a moral code without God, of course myself being a Christian understand that the moral authority comes from God via the biblical text. One of these ideas is that morality can only arise from that of freedom, where there are no rules and mankind can live as he pleases. It is through this freedom that mankind will find the moral authority that resides within himself, and having laws and boundaries impede the ability for the individual to find this moral authority within. The more I read Carl Jung, the more I believe his writings align with this sort of ideology.

“Without freedom there can be no morality.”
-The Relation between the Ego and the Unconscious

“Morality is not imposed from outside; we have it in ourselves from the start – not the law, but our moral nature without which the collective life of human society would be impossible.”
-CW 7, On Eros Theory

I can see this moral code being implemented within the realm of cultural morality. The idea that everyone assimilating to that of their fellow man within a small community to reach peace is a very noble gesture. But with no bounds of freedom, with no laws, each man is left to his or her own heart to decide what is good and what is evil.

What one man finds good, another may find evil, and with no laws to keep any thought or action in check the power vacuums will be filled by he who carries the larger stick, and rules of law will be implemented regardless. These laws will then be subjected to the mind of the individual in power as to what he or she deems to be good or evil. Granted, I am not nearly as smart as Carl Jung, these are simply my humble thoughts on the matter.

The other philosopher whom I tend to agree with more than Jung’s ideology regarding a morality without God is Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) who lived around the same time of Charles Darwin. He spent his entire life criticizing the Christian faith, even though he understood that it was necessary in order to set up a moral guide as a basis to life. He had quite an admiration for the Old Testament and God being a figure of authority holding each man accountable to their every action lest they face absolute judgement. It was the New Testament that he found issue with the most.

I believe he couldn’t understand the ability for an all powerful God to give his son for a world of innately evil human beings. But Nietzsche was the father of Nihilism and to go your entire life believing there is no meaning to it, I understand how hard it would be to understand such a loving a gracious God. Nietzsche believed that should God be pushed out and replaced with “science” that it would create a moral vacuum.

With all the advancements of man in their new found love for science, it would create a moral vacuum, after all morality is not a scientific discovery, and Nietzsche understood this. Nietzsche was an incredible smart thinker, even he stated that he could pack more knowledge into a single sentence than other men could fit inside an entire book, and I don’t think he’s wrong in that regard.

You may know the statement “God is Dead” by Friedrich Nietzsche. This was not a claim of victory or triumph, rather it was a humbling remark made with regret. It drives me absolutely INSANE how many people, especially Christians take him out of context.

We as Christians know that God is very much alive. But put yourself in his shoes, a nihilist with no meaning to life, no future for eternity, believing that mankind is rotten to the core and understanding that the Bible is the most fundamental understanding of morality to keep society in check.

Upon seeing science come into his world and eliminating scripture altogether opened a vacuum in the world of morality that would be filled by the ambitions of man to be as gods. Nietzsche understood that with this new way of life, mankind would be subject to those with the most power. His predictions of the gulags in Russia and the concentration camps in Germany would be the outcome of disregarding scripture as a moral authority. Now, I challenge you to read the quote in its entirety as a broken man, filled with sorrow over a culture that abandoned scripture.

“God is dead, God Remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers? What was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”

If you rip God out of the world and cast him to the side you must then assume the responsibility of creating a moral code throughout the world for a basis of right and wrong. We know what happens when men try to preform such things. If you don’t think that the Gulags of Russia can’t come to the United States then I suggest you begin to study the evils of humanity and what better place to start than with yourself.

The urges and the impulses you fight on a daily basis when those evil thoughts posses your mind, but yet, you restrain yourself because you know you will be held accountable for those actions. Imagine if there was no accountability, or if the law fed into the nature of the monster within you. We criticize other nations for their heinous acts while we all live our daily lives in bliss as our nation murders 125,000 children every day.

When we become gods we decide what is good and what is evil without any regard to a foundational moral authority. Rather we focus on what is immediately expedient and gratifying to ones own self, regardless of the future or of other human life. Even as one of Christianity’s biggest critics, Nietzsche understood that mankind could never take on such a massive task of becoming as gods. We as mankind fall into a religion of self, we project our own emotions and life experiences into policies and laws that negate taking into account the experiences of others as individuals.

This is what the left does, they have no God within their religion of self and it is far too hard to create a moral code for the individual, rather they create a moral code for groups of people based on race. Affirmative action makes it easier to get into higher education based on the color of your skin and not on the ability that a person may possess.

They believe that African American’s are far to weak to accomplish anything on their own, so the left must march for them and show them what they deserve. They lift up people like George Floyd as heroes because they don’t think that African Americans have it within themselves to become something more than street criminals. They discredit scholars such as Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson because they don’t act a certain way, or believe things that they don’t believe therefore they can’t be black.

Joe Biden himself told the African American community, that if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black. The left tells whites, they are racist even if they don’t believe they are, simply because it is far easier to take an entire race and show them into the same bucket than what it is to look at people as individuals. They do the same thing with children, if the child becomes a hinderance to their lives, or impedes in any way on their future plans, they simply allow a doctor to rip apart the child limb from limb. Their blood curdling screams of “women empowerment” become muffled behind the walls of dismembered children. The potential of the African American child within a poverty stricken community is thrown to the curb after being told by the liberal left that the most you can become in your life is a victim.

We have left God out of our culture, some like Nietzsche may claim that “God is Dead” and we are reaping the consequences for those actions. Nothing could be further from the truth, God is very much so alive and it’s time that we as Bible believing Christians start acting like it. We must take control of this country and implement a culture that has a moral foundation based on scripture and start treating people as individuals.

We have the answers on what is good and what is evil, and how it is we are to live our lives. We have the moral authority that leads to true freedom, and a loving and just father who will judge us not on the color of our skin, but on the actions we took as individuals.


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