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“We will lose, NATO will split”: Senate Democratic leader predicts US defeat due to lack of money for Ukraine

By Topwar

Ukraine is on the verge of defeat, NATO could collapse, and allies will turn their backs on the United States unless Congress provides additional funding to Kyiv. This statement was made by Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The meeting that took place the day before at the White House with the participation of the US President and the leaders of Congress again ended in nothing; Biden and Schumer failed to persuade Michael Johnson to accept the bill proposed by the Senate to allocate funding to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives continues to link the allocation of money to Kyiv to the southern border of the United States. In general, first we finance the fence on the border with Mexico, and only then Zelensky’s wishes.

Schumer did not like Johnson’s refusal very much, who immediately made a statement in the style: “everything is gone, the cast is being removed, the client is leaving.” According to him, if Kyiv is left without money, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lose, and NATO will collapse. Yes, the allies will not understand if the United States abandons the “young democracy.”

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