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What does Joe Biden say to the scourge of human-trafficking?

I woke up at 2:30, unable to sleep and overwhelmed by thoughts of the millions of young girls and boys who have been forced into sex-trafficking.  My mind was filled with images of these children, alone and afraid, living in terror, drugged, sold, and then raped and abused every moment of their waking lives.

Anyone with a conscience would recognize the horrific evil of human-trafficking and would do what he could to end it, but for decades, our government has done nothing, and the Biden administration has actually facilitated the trade by turning its back on our open southern border.

According to the 2021 Federal Human Trafficking report covering the U.S. — a report initiated by President Trump, not by Obama or Biden — 92% of trafficking victims were engaged in sex-trafficking and 8% in forced labor, and of these totals, 57% were children.  (Trump also signed the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act in 2018, the only significant legislation in recent memory.)  The most recent report documents how little Biden has done in dealing with an enormous problem — for example, a decline in prosecutions once Biden entered office with a total of only 450 human-trafficking cases brought in 2021…

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