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What Happened in Kansas: Common Sense, Common Ground


Generally when Kansas makes the national news it’s not for a reason left-leaning Kansans are proud of. True, we have some swoon-worthy items like the largest hand dug well and the largest ball of twine (I think that one might be contested, though) so we are accustomed to those out of the state running articles that highlight embarrassing events or groups, most likely out of sheer jealousy for the aforementioned coveted tourist destinations. But for one brief, shining moment, the spotlight was on common sense and decency, not a serial pitchfork murder arrest (okay, I just made that one up, I’m pretty sure the serial pitchfork murderer is still at large).

Kansas overwhelmingly votes Republican, but there is currently a Democratic governor. The truth of it is that she would be at home in the Country Club Republican party which dominated before the Trump wing took over. It took incredible fiscal mismanagement from ex-governor Sam Brownback to make her election possible. He pushed the discredited theories of one Arthur Laffer, that among other idiocy, gave LLCs in the state no income tax. Suddenly your neighborhood lemonade stand was an LLC to avoid taxes. This actually did piss off a lot of Kansans as the typical LLCs would be enormous agri-business (not the yeoman farmer Thomas Jefferson masturbated to) or dentists, physicians… get the picture. But the CNA, the fast food worker–you can bet they had some state income tax to pay. The lack of incoming funds created a paradise. For potholes, that is. And any number of failing infrastructure items. So that’s what it took to get  Governor Laura Kelly voted in….. who again, is no bastion of leftist ideology. She is the current equivalent of a Nancy Landon Kassebaum type–a former Republican Senator in the state. It’s just in these parts, if you aren’t in the MAGA sector, there’s not much of a home in the current Republican party. We don’t have a functioning, vibrant left party. The current Democrats are all what would be termed moderate Republicans of the past (pre MAGA, pre Tea Party). So this is to say, that it takes a gross over-shoot to wrest power from the radical right, but it does happen…

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