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What Happened on Election Night? I Think I Have Some Answers



There is whiskey in my coffee this morning. I considered going with heroin, which, thanks to Kathy Hochul, is easy to find in New York, but I’m saving my final fall for election night 2024.

Here is what I think went wrong — and right — in our elections.


For starters, conservatives have principles, and the lefties do not. Die-hard libskanks are dedicated to their party communism. They will happily vote for anyone, even a pedophile — or, as they call them, Minor Attracted Persons (MAP) — as long as they have a “D” before their name.

Conservatives are not the same. I know a few never-Trumpers who pinched their noses and voted for Trump, but I know many who stayed home on election night, twice. True Democrats wouldn’t consider not voting for their candidate, even if he looks like the guy from Sling Blade and can’t put a sentence together.



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