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What Happened To Woman’s Lawn Sums Up Portland Resident’s Frustration With Homeless Problem


The residents of Portland have had just about enough of the problems arising from the city’s massive homeless population as it continues to spread out across various parts of the area, which also includes their front yards.

And what’s taking place on these front yards is beyond disgusting, and to put it lightly, not at all okay. Don’t read this while eating. Unless you want to see your lunch for the second time today.

“I want to cry,” Christina Hartnett, a resident who lives in the city, said during comments given to local media outlet KGW8.” I just want my house back. My lawn is now becoming a public bathroom.”

That means they are pooping in her front yard. Pooping. There’s human poop. In her front yard. Her. FRONT. YARD…

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  1. Lenore Lenore July 25, 2022

    You keep voting for the same creeps..what do you expect?!??

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