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What is Joe Biden’s Life Expectancy?

By C.J. Baker, M.D.


President Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, and it’s worsening before our eyes.

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

His handlers know it.  Why else would they issue him absurdly detailed cue cards telling him when to stand and sit?

His vice president knows it.  Kamala Harris explicitly noted her future running mate’s cognitive problems during the 2020 Democratic debates.

Even the president’s drug-addicted, prostitute-frequenting, influence-peddling son knows it.  Hunter cruelly mocks the elder Biden’s senility on the Laptop from Hell.

It is a national tragedy that a fragile, senile, non compos mentis old man is the president of the United States.  Nevertheless, this scandalous state of affairs is downplayed so much by the Democrats, the Washington bureaucracy, and complicit press and social media outlets that Biden and many around him — Harris included — still speak seriously about Biden seeking a second term in 2024.



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