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What Nightmare is Lurking in Your Child’s School Bathroom?

By Tiffany Layne


Last year, we brought you the story of the Louden County father who was arrested for getting angry at a school board.

Scott Smith wasn’t just angry. He was mortified. Horrified. And in a state of disbelief. He sent his little girl to school, expecting that she was safe inside those walls. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you don’t remember Scott Smith and the Louden County Schoolboard Meeting being referenced, here’s a little refresher.

It’s amazing just how many things parents have to worry about. Reading levels, school supplies, competent teachers, over-crowded classrooms- these are the everyday concerns. Then there are the chances of school shootings, pedophiles disguised as school employees, bullying, and shockingly, rape in the bathroom. These are the things we should never have to think about.



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