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What’s the Point of the GOP?

By Jeffery Dover

It begins with our expectations.  When we cast a vote for a representative of some office, we vote with an expectation that the person, if elected, will follow through with what they told us they would do if elected.  However, as often as not, we’ve been disappointed in that regard.  Perhaps even more often than not…

Looking back to the source, we go to the party to which the candidate belongs.  What does the party stand for?  Is it stated, explicitly anywhere to be seen when one searches the party?, the Republican Party website, has no statement of what the party stands for nor is there any prospective legislative or policy agenda., the House Republicans website, has some bland headlines about making the economy stronger, making the nation “safe”, making sure freedom is in the future and “accountable” government under the heading “Our Commitment to America”.  Under “Issues” we find a list of the stock complaints directed at Biden – as if Biden was single-handedly responsible for where the nation and Americans find themselves today.  Eyeroll. Yawn.

Donald Trump’s 2016 election, for which a case can be made that it was a proxy “third party” victory, proved that conservatives, that is, common sense Americans, are the majority.  He won election not because of, but in spite of the GOP.  Americans were beginning, if slowly, to wake up to the fact that “winning” is not filling congressional seats and the White House with Republicans.  “Winning” is only getting the passed legislation and policies that the people and the nation want and need to keep the promise of America’s founding principles and greatness intact and vibrant.  Successive GOP majorities had failed to provide those things.  President Trump had made clear what he stood for and, to the extent that it was possible for a totally beleaguered president to do so without any support from his own party’s congressional majority, he delivered on those things.

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