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“Where is the money, Zin?”: about the fate of budget billions for the rear


Let’s imagine a terrible situation – on September 21, President Putin would announce not a partial mobilization, but a complete one. Not even full, but conditionally partial, when not 300 thousand, but 1-2 million reservists will be called up to the army. Probably, such a mobilization would have to be stretched out for six months, or even for all twelve months.

Judging by what is happening now, there is really nothing even for one percent of the mobilization reserve. While the rusted mechanisms will work, resources, uniforms and weapon, the enemy, probably, will pass through Red Square in parade columns. These are not even strategic issues – the survival of the state is at stake here.

These quite fair questions were asked in the State Duma by the head of the defense committee, Andrei Kargapolov, and the chairman of the security committee, Vasily Piskarev. On October 17, special hearings are organized, unfortunately closed. Deputy Defense Ministers Aleksey Krivoruchenko and Mikhail Mizintsev will be present as guests…

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