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WHO VICTORY UPDATE: 12 of the 13 amendments have been removed from Consideration

By Sarah Westall 


According to  journalists closely watching the developments occurring in the 2022 WHO annual meeting this week in Geneva Switzerland, 12 out of 13 amendments have been removed from consideration. This is fantastic news for citizens of the world, even for the majority of citizens everywhere that don’t realize what is actually occurring. The fight for freedom is a burden that must be taken on by those that have the awareness and knowledge to see the treachery as it unfolds.

Activist James Roguski is one of those freedom fighters who has made a huge difference by taking on this fight to expose the WHO for what it is. On his website, he states the victory that has appeared to have occurred and also warned that our fight is not over…

We will have to monitor this situation and see why they did not vote on the amendments and also ensure that these amendments do not come up for vote at a later date. It is imperative that we do not let our guard down. Our freedom relies on it, literally.



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