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Whole Foods ushering in Mark of the Beast with new palm-scanning payment system

by Ethan Huff


(Natural News) Thanks to its acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods Market is quickly morphing into the grocery store of the New World Order with a new cashless payment system that allows customers to wave their palm over a scanning machine in order to pay for their food.

Instead of having to hand over cash or a credit card, Whole Foods customers can simply wave their hand (and maybe soon their forehead?) through the machine and voila: purchase made.

According to an Amazon FAQ, the palm-scanning technology analyzes “the minute characteristics of your palm – both surface-area details like lines and ridges as well as subcutaneous features such as vein patterns” in order to identify a customer and allow for rapid purchase.

This biometric scanning tool is branded as a faster, easier alternative to paying with a credit card or cash.

The system is officially called Amazon One and it allows for Amazon Prime users to link their accounts and receive discounts and other promotions every time they opt to wave their palm through a kiosk at Whole Foods rather than pay with cash or a credit card.

“There is a push to make this seem ‘normal,’” writes Mac Slavo. “Is this a precursor to the microchip? Perhaps. Only time will tell. But many mainstream media outlets have reported on this and in a positive light trying to convince people this is a good idea.”

Amazon loves to create anti-human tech

The ultimate goal is to completely phase out paper and coin currency and replace it with a cashless system. Amazon via Whole Foods is paving the way for this by testing out the new system at its Seattle locations.

Amazon has stressed that the system will not, at least for now, replace other more traditional payment options.

The first Whole Foods store to get the Amazon One palm scanner is Madison Broadway location in Seattle. Seven more Whole Foods stores in the greater Seattle area will get them in the months to come.

Seattle is Amazon’s test market for the system. If everything goes as planned, it will eventually be rolled out to other Whole Foods locations all across the country and in Canada.

Amazon One scanners are already present at Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Pop Up locations in Seattle. “Thousands” of customers, the company claims, have already enrolled their palms in the program.

Amazon’s obsession with all-things-tech directly intersects with the company’s authoritarian vision for total enslavement of humanity. As we reported last year, the company actually created an artificial intelligence (AI) program to squelch efforts by employees to earn a living wage through unionization.

CEO Jeff Bezos would prefer to hoard his billions all to himself, so the unionization efforts were quickly squashed.

“At Whole Foods Market, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers,” claims Arun Rajan, senior vice president of technology and chief technology officer at Whole Foods Market.

“Working closely with Amazon, we’ve brought benefits like Prime member discounts, online grocery delivery and pickup, and free returns to our customers, and we’re excited to add Amazon One as a payment option beginning today. We’re starting with an initial store at Madison Broadway in Seattle and look forward to hearing what customers think as we expand this option to additional stores over time.”

Other anti-human tech that Amazon has created includes facial recognition software sold to law enforcement and always-listening “Alexa” spy devices sold to consumers.

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  1. Giant Meteor Giant Meteor April 29, 2021

    Not for nothing is this outfit known as Whole Paycheck. Their prices are to the moon, the selection is not the best, and their attitude there is even worse. Add this reason to the every growing list of reasons not to shop at this place!

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