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Who’s Left Holding the Bag – The Progressives Playbook


Who’s Left Holding the Bag – The Progressives Playbook
Who’s Left Holding the Bag – The Progressives Playbook

By Edward Haugland

One has to wonder why Americans haven’t yet figured out the progressive’s playbook when it comes to illegal immigration. It’s like watching the train bearing down the track, the victims (the legal American citizens) are on the track but not tied down. They need only to take a simple act to avoid being run over by the train, like stepping to the side, but for some ungodly reason – they don’t.  

The train in this case is illegal immigration, and the act they “could’ve” taken is to vote differently. But they don’t? Not even after all of the progressive candidates telegraphed their intent to open the borders, and worse, give free healthcare, education, and phones to any illegal crossing the border. It doesn’t matter if they’re infected with the China Flu, a felon, a child sex trafficker, a Chinese male of military age, or even an ISIS recruit – the message is come one, come all.  

The cognitive dissonance is astounding, as we watch the same film being rewound and replayed from the early 1980’s with Ronald Reagan (how’d that amnesty work out?), 1993-2001 with the Clintons, and 2009-2017 with Obama. Americans tend not to think strategically nor study history, which leaves a gapping hole of vulnerability that progressives continue to take advantage of in an ongoing Cognitive War – a war for absolute power that few, if any, understand. 

Their playbook is simple, effective, and sequenced with great actors playing the roles of leader, victim, and champion at the appropriate time. We now see Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams of New York complain about the impact of 50-100,000 illegals on their state. They do not blame the Biden administration policies, they blame broken immigration policy, and call for national guard to act as babysitters, and yes – of course – they ask for lots of federal money to pay for their stretched healthcare, social services, education, and policing.  

They started as leaders – calling for sanctuary cities and states, and anyone who opposes the illegal invasion racist. They then move on to playing the victim – as you see now. They do not call to close the borders but do call federal money and troops. They will soon move to being the champion – not for legal citizens, but for millions of the illegals as the call for voting rights, access to jobs, and ensuring humanity by providing free healthcare, education, and social services. 

This is the same cycle we’ve seen play out during the Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and now Biden. The playbook is simple 

  1. Ignore the Law 
  1. First, they push, applaud, and seek open borders and ignore immigration laws. And label themselves as a “sanctuary.” As if they’re beholden to humanity and God. 
  1. Cry Racism 
  1. Call anyone who opposes helping their actions racist.  
  1. Cry for Help – Federal Help – Spend, spend, spend  
  1. Ask for federal assistance to help pay for their purposeful disregard for the law, and like Governor Hochul claim “I can’t ask New Yorkers to pay.” 
  1. Cry Racism again 
  1. For not giving free education, healthcare, social services, education 
  1. Then blame it all on conservatives and call anyone who doesn’t agree racist. 
  1. Call for amnesty and taxes & voting rights 
  1. Again, years after Obama’s illegal DACA – it’s still in the courts, as we once again see progressives start to hand out drivers licenses, ask for amnesty, call for increased taxes and spending. 
  1. Call for investigations and blame failed national security on conservatives 
  1. All so they can distract the public and blame failed immigration policy on conservatives despite having the White House, Senate, and House several times. 
  1. Ignore the Law and Repeat – see step #1 
  1. As we now see 9 million illegals in this cycle – which equates to 9 cities of 20,000 people for every state, or 180,000 people per state.  


Despite this train having come down the tracks at least a couple of times before, the victims stand in front of it, and not only get run over, but then pay the conductor of the train for their injuries. 

They pay in multiple ways via increased taxes, less access to and more costly healthcare, increased homelessness and drug use, decreased security as police are defunded and overwhelmed, and stressed social services and welfare offices as our own nearly 38 million Americans living below the poverty line – go to the back of the line. Let’s not forget our homeless veterans who disappear further into the background. And most importantly don’t forget that the 30 million prior, and 9 million current, will have an average of two children who instantly become citizens – and in less a decade or two we’ll see those 80-90 million citizens on new 21st century plantation of dependency vote – 25% of the vote! 

Alas, Americans are left holding the bag once again, as we’ve not learned how this Cognitive War is played. Will we ever?  

You can learn more, and avoid the next train, by reading The Cognitive War – Why We Are Losing and How We can Win available on Amazon.  


Edward L. Haugland, © 2023, all rights reserved. 


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