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Why A Federal Judge Shouldn’t Toss The Case Enabling Stefan Halper To Pretend Russia Collusion Was Real



If Judge Brinkema allows Lokhova’s case to proceed, Halper will finally be subjected to public questioning about his role in SpyGate.

Hiding behind his lawyers and hoping to avoid questioning about his role in SpyGate, former confidential human source Stefan Halper implies in his most recent court filing that the Russia collusion story peddled during the 2016 election and after was “substantially truth.”

Later this morning, a federal judge in Virginia will consider Halper’s latest attempt to toss the lawsuit Svetlana Lokhova filed against him in December of 2020, which claims that the former confidential human source defamed her and alleges tortiously interference with a book contract she had.

This lawsuit represents the second case Lokhova filed against Halper, with her earlier defamation case against Halper and numerous media outlets dismissed because she waited too long to sue the majority of the defendants; the two timely claims failed because one isolated article was not defamatory and the final defendant was not responsible for a non-employee’s tweets.



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