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Why are Cognitively Unfit People Leading our Nation…And Why Are Americans Voting For Them?

By Patty McMurray


Guest Post by Becky Behrends, M.D. and Vice President of Research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (

In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania Senate debate between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz, Americans should be asking why we are giving a pass to people who are not fit to govern this nation cognitively. With all the serious and complex issues before us as a nation, we need people who have sharp memories, analytical skills, a knowledge base of economics and how the business world works, among many other assets.

100 Percent Fed Up has previously reported on John Fetterman regarding the stroke he suffered last May. Since then, he has struggled with incoherent and garbled speech as well as accurately processing questions and information presented to him. His performance in the recent debate with Oz was embarrassing and disastrous. He flip-flopped on everything from fracking (is he for or against it??) to health care issues.

Yet, when it was revealed that Fetterman required closed captioning in an interview with an NBC reporter, his wife said that the reporter should face consequences and “apologize.”



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