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Why don’t we just destroy the left with laughter?

By D. Parker


When Tucker Carlson had another great bit on renaming Monkeypox as  schlong Covid… with a democratic election with no cheating, because that only happens when leftists lose, it was another great lesson on why we all need to be happy warriors against the liberty denying left.

Renaming Monkeypox as Schlong Covid was funny on multiple levels in and of itself, but some of the other choices were equally inciteful.  It combined an uproariously funny takedown of the pandemic panic with a double entendre that didn’t disappoint in sending the fascist far left into their usual spasms of humorless offense.

He even mentioned ballot harvesting and that just won’t do, because we all know those people always conduct themselves with the upmost of integrity.  Except when they’re caught cheating, then it’s all a ‘conspiracy theory’ don’t you know.

All of this is a good reminder that one of the best ways of fighting against the enemies of liberty on the left is with humor.  Being a happy warrior for the pro-freedom right.  So, this will be our rundown on the 5 reasons why this is an excellent idea all around.



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