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Why Is America Building These Secret Facilities In All 50 States? (Video)

By Tim Brown 


I’ve reported on lawless executive orders that have been put in place for decades that criminals will, no doubt, seek to use to take over the united States unless the People stop them.  I’ve also reported on the locations of hundreds of FEMA camps across the US, as well.  Now, secret facilities are going up in all fifty states of the Union.  For what will they be used?

Clayton Morris of Redacted explains:

America is secretly building large scale detention facilities in all 50 states. Will they be used to house illegal immigrants? The answer is no and the real reason is far more nefarious. Former customs and border protection, supervisor JJ Carrelll shares this unbelievable story.

You can pre-order J.J.’s new documentary called Treason right here:

Watch this short segment on this important issue…


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