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WHY MI LOST BIG In The Midterms…And The GOP Bullies Who Are To Blame

by Patty McMurray

November 8, 2022, was the most brutal day in Michigan election history—and make no mistake, Michigan has had a lot of ugly election results. But this election was different.

The election results on November 8, which defied logic, could have been avoided…

After four brutal years of leadership by three authoritarian Democrats, which include the unlikable Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who revealed her thirst for power and disregard for the citizens of MI during the COVID lockdowns, a lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel, who said she’d like to see a “drag queen in every school,” and America’s most dishonest Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, Michigan residents were left shocked by their re-election—yet another election with implausible results.

Other than the unremarkable John James winning a close race for a US House seat that should have been an easy victory, Michigan Republicans suffered major losses across the board, despite having some of the best candidates running for state and US races across the state…

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