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Why Satan Hates Women

By Arrows And Arks


I was compelled to make another entry today, and it’s something that once again, makes soooo much sense!  And the funny thing is, I’d dismissed a lot of this info that I’d heard of previously and never really looked into because I automatically considered it “herasy” and “false” and whatnot.  Yet somehow, pretty much overnight, I’m able to accept it as Truth.  There really isn’t any way to explain this.  Either I’ve gone crazy or God is leading me in the right direction. I’ve informed my RL friends that if, in two years, nothing’s happened, they have full rights to institutionalize me.  In fact, I’ll check myself in.

To my own credit, I suppose, the stuff about Saul/Paul IS all Biblical, so that’s not anything crazy-ish.  But anyway, onwards.

To start:

To boil down link above, basically, there are male and female angels in heaven.  This is something the churches no longer teach, either purposely or because they don’t realize they’ve been fed (a lot of) false doctrine.  Anyway, when Lucifer/Satan rebelled, apparently a lot of male angels followed him, but two angelic queens warned the other angels and warned God about the growing rebellion, and most of the women sided with God and of course the other male angels that didn’t join in the rebellion.  There’s a lot more too it, but I want the focus to stay on the two ass-kicking queens: a gladiator and warrior named Queen Shazuraze–Queen of Fire, and also Queen Rashayel.  Shazuraze wanted to go against Lucifer’s forces right away, but God wouldn’t let her.  So instead she co-conspired with Rashayel to lead an “exodus” of sorts with the faithful angels off the planets (Earth included) that were being controlled by Lucifer because they didnt’t want to be associated with him.  (Dunno if Shazuraze got to fight against the fallen ones in the end, but I’m sure she did.  Or she will this time.)

I thought it was an interesting story, and after reading through some other articles, I finally decided to go through the facts that prove that Saul/Paul was a deceiver and infiltrate of the church since it’s been on my To Do list.

I won’t go through all the ways he hid himself in plain sight and proved that he didn’t come from God, but it was interesting to note the things he threw in that show enmity towards women.


‘Paul’ wrote the LIE “that Christ (first)appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve” (1 Cor. 15:5).

The Word of God as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John emphasize that Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah “FIRST” appeared to “THE WOMEN” (Matthew 28:9. Mark 16:9. Luke 24:10. John 20:14,15)

It is not therefore surprising that ‘Paul’ and his Christian ministers despise and hate women and treat them as second class citizens.”

“A female who was raised in Christianity, has been taught that:

  • We could never be good enough to serve God. And if we do it should be privately at home barefoot and pregnant and scrubbing floors!
  • What we think and feel doesn’t matter! We’re just to be slaves to men and that’s that!.
  • We ought not to express emotions of anger, because a self-assertive female was a sinner.
  • I was only here on earth to serve the wants and needs of others, especially those of my husband, children, parents, and in-laws…


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