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Will Arming Teachers Become More Common?

By: Jeff Charles


After a series of mass shootings, including the recent massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas, at least some districts are considering policy allowing educators to carry concealed firearms on campus. The idea of arming teachers has been the subject of contentious debate when discussing ways to deal with these violent attacks.

Proponents of the idea believe it would increase the likelihood that a would-be mass shooter can be stopped. They argue that relying on police is not always a viable strategy. As more details emerge about the Uvalde incident, the failure of law enforcement to act against the gunman has bolstered this argument. On the other hand, those opposing the idea believe it would not make kids any safer. Instead, they prefer passing more laws restricting the carrying of firearms. Public opinion on the matter is mixed.

Is Arming Teachers The Way To Go?

The Mississippi Board of Education voted recently to alter a 1990 policy that prevented anyone other than police officers from carrying guns in public schools. The decision removed this language, noting that it contradicted the state’s enhanced concealed carry law passed in 2011. The board also said the policy “predates any notable school shootings.” For now, the change is temporary and is up for a 25-day period in which the public can make comments on the proposed measure.



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