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Winston’s in the house.

by Rick Frayne

I usually speak at these rallies warning people about communism as a Russian reverse crisis actor and devious dissident, Viktor Meshigahnov. However, his countrymen is not too popular at moment… for some reason.  The reaction to Winston’s first public outing was quite varied. I stay in character throughout the day. An elderly British couple who grew up during the Blitzkrieg approached me and the wife was almost in tears…Then some Gen X ‘ers asked me who I was, and if I had a website? It was hilarious as I told them to google Winston Churchill. Their reaction was priceless as they thought it was real time info.

Most importantly, the lady in the photo is Beth Bianchi. She struck up a conversation with Winston about our MSM after the address.  When he asked her what sources she uses for media, she said, “I follow a guy named John B Wells on a show called Caravan to Midnight, he used to be on Coast to Coast, have you ever heard of him?” Before I could even allude to revealing anything, another lady next to her in the crowd overheard her and said “wow so do I” . As they became fast friends chatting, that moment nearly moved Winston to tears.

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