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Wireless Wars: First We Called Them Witches, Now We Call Them Conspiracy Theorists; We Are Still Burning the Women

Op-Ed by Patricia Burke

There is a continuum that has arisen in relationship to the question of adverse health effects associated with wireless technologies.

At one end of the scale, we have individuals who have a sudden seizure. They then discover that they have a brain tumor on the side of head where they carried their cellphone, which may or may not be operable or survivable.

At the other end of the scale, we have women in Northern California who reported feeling unwell when smart grid infrastructure was installed in their neighborhoods, before the wireless meter was even installed on their homes.

Whether or not or how we recognize both of these realities will determine what happens to each of us in this generation, in addition to every other species in the line of fire of human endeavor.

There have always been variations in sensory capabilities between individuals. One person has an excellent sense of direction; another person has an enhanced sense of smell but cannot carry a tune. Our ancestors who survived were the ones who were the most skilled in their interaction with the natural environment.

In earlier wisdom societies, an individual with an enhanced capacity for detecting unseen energies in the environment might become a revered dowser, or an energy healer, determining where to dig the well for the village. Those who were the most successful live in our DNA. Now, under the relentless drive of the 4th technological evolution, we are embracing both ecocide and genocide, and the primary victims will be women who are the most sensitized to the environment (along with some men as well).

The insights and feedback of those with greater sensory capacities should serve as the foundation for a legitimate and respected knowledge that protects the entire species. Instead, the perceptive capabilities of those who can readily detect non-natural wireless radio frequencies are a source of derision, ridicule and outright dismissal. It should not be lost on us that those who are perceiving radio frequencies are suffering.


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