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Wisconsin Clerks Make 10 New Voter Fraud Referrals for 2020 Election

By USA First Reporting 


Municipal clerks in Wisconsin made 22 voter fraud referrals to local district attorneys related to the 2020 general election over the past two years, according to Wisconsin Elections Commission reports.

The new report from the July 22 commission meeting showed 10 instances of voter fraud referrals from the 2020 election. Last year, it listed 12 cases.

Most of the complaints this time involved people double voting—once in person and once by mail. Others were for impersonating another voter and double voting in two different cities.

A similar pattern was reported in the June 2, 2021, commission meeting. It showed that most of the 12 referrals stemmed from double voting in two cities. Some voted twice—by mail and in person.



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