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Without Russian gas, Germany won’t survive this next winter

By Ethan Huff


Despite a slight steadying of its gas reservoirs, which are now at nearly 65 percent capacity, Germany will still run out of fuel this winter – leaving millions freezing without heat – unless it is able to access more Russian gas before the cold season arrives.

Klaus Miller, Germany’s Federal Network Agency president, says it is simply not possible for Germany to “go through the winter without Russian gas.” This appears to be exactly what will happen, though, leaving Germany in the dark.

It remains unclear whether or not the Nord Stream 1 (NS1) pipeline, which is currently offline for maintenance, will ever return to a functional state. A key part that was being repaired in Canada may not make it back to Germany due to Canada’s sanctions against Russia.

The whole matter hinges upon the United States and NATO’s aggression against Russia over its “special operation” in Ukraine. Ukraine is a globalist hotbed of corruption, it turns out, and Russia’s invasion has upset globalist-run countries like Canada and the U.S. that have interests there.



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