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Woke Wednesday: Disney’s Creepy Baymax Character Just Got Creepier, Teaches Kids How to Shop for Tampons for Women AND Men

by Kevin Downey Jr.

I wish I could say that I remember when Disney showed cartoons that didn’t bombard kids with penises, sex, sexuality, more penises, and gender issues, but the truth is they’ve been doing it successfully for decades.

Tell me you don’t see this, then tell me your kids didn’t either.

Like Mickey in the above pic, Disney is going all hands on… deck… in regards to carpet-bombing your kids with phalluses, gayness, and radical trans nonsense. The LGBTYOUVEGOTTOMEKIDDINGME crowd claims they are pushing their agenda merely for the sake of inclusiveness, but anyone with eyes can see the reality that this is pure recruitment. And it’s working…

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