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Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: A Critical Point In Israel’s History

(Galilee, Israel) — This is a very critical point in Israel’s history. My country is facing the deepest political and judicial crisis since its formation.

In the next 3-4 weeks, the very left-leaning Israeli Supreme Court will convene to discuss two issues that are far beyond its mandate. Depending on what they decide, the country could be sent reeling. First, it will discuss canceling the ability for a parliament vote to change a Basic Law. As a country without a constitution, it is the Basic Laws that are the foundation for the way our government conducts business. In the past, these Basic Laws have always been under the purview of the Knesset. The Supreme Court is looking to steal this power for themselves.

Second, the court will determine whether to allow a process that will declare Netanyahu as unfit for office, thereby nullifying the recent vote of a majority of the Israelis. For those of you in America, think of when Congress tried to do the same thing to Donald Trump when he was president, and what your court system is trying to do to him now. If Netanyahu is removed from office, the typically quiet conservatives will go ballistic. I don’t know what to expect then.

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