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Worse Than Gophers: Climate Dweebs Storm the 18th Green At PGA Tournament in Connecticut

Grateful Calvin
By Grateful Calvin 

It just wouldn’t be a weekend anymore, unfortunately, without some overprivileged morons from Just Stop Oil or other climate activist groups attacking and vandalizing another cultural institution. Last week, Twitchy reported on how these vandals sprayed orange powder on Stonehenge. The only good thing about that last attack is — due to the protected nature of not just the monuments, but also the rare lichen that grows on the obelisks — these people might finally actually receive the prison sentences they deserve.

Actually, there was a second benefit to the Stonehenge attack: it pretty much united everyone from all political ideologies AGAINST Just Stop Oil.

Of course, they don’t care about public sentiment. They seem to relish being annoying dweebs and having everyone hate them. Accordingly, yesterday they were at it again. This time, it wasn’t Just Stop Oil, it was ‘Extinction Rebellion.’ (Honestly, who cares anymore? They’re all the same imbeciles.)

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