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WOW! Black Male Goes Off on Racist Tirade at Young White Couple With Toddler on NYC Subway… Calls Small Child a “Monkey” and Tells Him to “Shut up!”… Where’s the Outrage? Where’s The Hate Police? [VIDEO]

By Amber Crawford

A video recently went viral of a black man screaming racist remarks at a young white couple with a toddler on a subway in New York City. Soon, people began sharing more videos of the same man hurling racial slurs at other people on the streets of New York, showing that this was not a one-time thing for him.

In the disturbing video, an unidentified black man starts yelling at the helpless family and their toddler son, saying, “Take ’em back to Europe wit ya’ll… gay a** gorilla… I don’t care about your ugly a** kids and your race… I don’t care about you! Shut up you white monkey.”

The unhinged man then gets closer to the family and starts screaming, “You are nothing over here. You are dog in this country. Shut up! I am black American!”

Meanwhile, the woman is trying to talk to her son, seemingly to distract him from what is going on. The couple tries to ignore the racist tirade, trying to not look in his direction or give him the satisfaction of a reaction.



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