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Yale New Haven Medical Still Forces Masks Despite The Science

By Staff Writer

It’s hard to believe that it is March 2023, and people are still being discriminated against for not wearing a mask.

The most comprehensive scientific study to date says that masks don’t make a difference.  Even the NY Times agrees with this assessment.

So why is it that Yale New Haven’s Pediatric Center in Greenwich called security on a mother and child — both of whom had mask exemptions for medical conditions and shared the corresponding doctors notes — for declining to wear masks?  Not just refused service, but security was called to escort them out of the office when the mother pointed out that the very reason the mask exemptions were obtained was due to a medical misdiagnosis made by Yale doctors.  The irony!

During that same time, all employees in the office, except for the acting manager, were wearing masks below their noses or on their chins.  The acting manager who called security struggled with her own mask, and adjusted it no less than 10 times while lecturing the mother about Yale’s nonsensical covid mask policy.  An unmasked water delivery person entered the room, and spent 10 minutes unloading a dozen large bottles of water in front of patients.  None of these people were asked to correctly wear their masks.

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