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A Boer’s View of the Crisis in South Africa

Farm Murders, A Collapsing Society, and the Desperate Plight of the Afrikaners

What are things like in South Africa? What is it like to go from being one of the few successful countries in the Dark Continent to a country collapsing more and more by the day while crime rages out of control, calls for genocide of whites abounds, and the world looks on with a mix of apathy at best and commiseration with those bloodthirsty thugs demanding genocide at worst?

While we in America can visit nearly any city to get a glimpse at such a life, the truth is that only those living the reality of South Africa day by day, a reality America’s evil “leaders” created, know just what the situation is like. That is why we spoke to the Twitter personality “k9_reaper” (hereinafter ‘K9”). K9 lives in Pretoria and documents South Africa’s collapse on X, posting video after video of things falling apart while the government focuses more on helping thugs murder white farmers than patching together functional infrastructure. He also is proactive, leading community safety patrols that help keep the wolves at bay…for now.

To see where America is headed and the dire straights South Africa is currently in, routinely reading his X feed is a must. But, if right now you only have time for a quick glimpse at the future, then hopefully, this article will help you understand the tragedy of South Africa and the fragile nature of civilization.

South Africa political map

Speaking with K9: What are South Africa’s Problems

TAT: Let’s just get right into it. How are things going in South Africa? Is the security situation as bad as it sounds, or is the media overstating the extent of its problems?

K9To cut a long story short – South Africa is in serious trouble, and I don’t think we’ll make the next ten years without a few serious events going down. A few pointers here, to help you understand. We have 2 to 3 violent incidents’ of civil unrest daily, 80 murders daily, 80 hijackings daily, one woman raped every 4 minutes, and 3 to 4 kids murdered daily.

TAT: So it’s like the Wild West but without even the veneer of civilization. What are the cities like?

K9Crime, as you can see, is wildly out of control. You can’t drive around at night because if you break down or get a flat tire, the chances of you being robbed and murdered (in that order) are extremely high.

TAT: And I assume that violent crime is just the tip of the iceberg? Copper cable theft, for example, is something I think you’ve mentioned on your Twitter. Is it a big issue?

K9Violent crime isn’t the only problem. Another big issue is copper cable theft. During rolling blackouts – of which we have many daily – copper cable thieves will steal electrical cable. And because our country lacks the funds, supplies, and manpower to replace the stolen cable, a repair can take weeks. Which leaves you in the dark.

TAT: In San Francisco, there’s a stretch where trains can’t stop because they’ll be pilfered. Is it like that, only more so, in South Africa?

K9: We have trucks ambushed and looted daily. Trucks are literally ambushed to be looted. Rocks are placed under tires, drivers are sometimes murdered, and the contents of the truck are taken. This happens on a daily basis…


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