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Aged Horse About to Be Sold to Butchers in Mexico Gets Rescued, Thrives With Loving Care

by E. S. Armstrong

Nothing heals like love.

Bud, a used up and aged horse from a dude ranch in West Texas, was about to be sold to butchers in Mexico for his weight in horse meat. One of over fifty work horses kept at the Texas ranch for trail rides and summer camps, his treatment had left him suffering from years of starvation, parasite infestation, and poor dental care, which all led to gastrointestinal damage. Like many aged horses being sold in the same auction, he was emaciated, chronically lame, and had not received proper veterinary care in years.

At the time of auction, Bud’s body score condition was a “1” (generally, the scale ranges from a “1” for emaciation to a “9” for obesity). His skeleton was visible, and he had virtually no fat on his body. His back was severely swayed, and his front legs were nearly unusable…

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