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AI voice clone under fire over fake Emma Watson reading Hitler and Attenborough rant

A ‘voice cloning’ tool powered by artificial intelligence will introduce ‘safeguards’ after trolls used it to make David Attenborough swear – and a fake Emma Watson go on hateful Nazi rant

The makers of a controversial AI-powered voice cloning tool say they will introduce ‘extra safeguards’ after people used it to generate celebrity voices reading outrageous statements.

ElevenLabs’ Prime Voice AI tool, which was released earlier this month, allows people to upload recordings of anyone speaking and use this to generate an artificial voice.

However, users of the platform could now face ID or copyright checks following ‘misuse’.

That’s because, according to Sky News, internet trolls used the tool to make a fake David Attenborough go on a sweary rant about his career in the Navy Seals, and Harry Potter star Emma Watson read passages written by Adolf Hitler…


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