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Anchor Spills Beans on Dem Effort to Get Protesters for Trump Rally, Protest Fail Is Incredibly Funny

By Nick Arama 


The local Fox 5 News station reported on how Democrats were going to try to gather up counter-protesters to come out for the Trump rally in the South Bronx. You knew that was likely to occur. But what’s fascinating here is what anchor Rosanna Scotto says about it.

Host Curt Menefee expresses the wish that “cooler heads prevail,” hoping that there isn’t any problem with the people being in the same area at the same time. Scotto said it looked like Trump was going to have “record crowds at the Bronx rally,” which “is kind of unheard of for this area.” She said the Democrats were trying to reach out to the media to get the word out that they wanted counter-protesters, she said, finking on the Democrats. “Which is kind of interesting because they don’t want his voice to be heard, only their voice,” she said.

My gosh, it might just be a revolution going on in New York when people are willing to call out the truth now. Scotto was spot-on there.

But given the thousands at the Trump rally, the crowd would dwarf anyone who came out to protest…



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